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It’s not fair. He has a job. He’s been working for a few months now, but yet you still pay for his gas, insurance, tuition, and books. 

Oh. and pretty much everything else he wants.

Stop saying sorry. Say thank you instead. When you say, “sorry for being a jerk” the other person is forced to either call you a jerk or say it wasnt a big deal. Instead, say “thank you for being so patient with me” so the other person has a reason to say they love you.

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ヽ(;▽;)ノ Summer is coming to an end .. But at least I got to try the Dole Whip Float at Disneyland ~ #hifallsemester
I’ve pursued dreams and achieved them, but I don’t think anybody should think their life is incomplete if they don’t follow some dream. Happiness doesn’t come from achievements, or money, or any sort of treasure. Happiness is a frame of mind, not a destination. It’s appreciating what you’ve got and building relationships with those around you.